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yin yang Feng Shui


Elisabeth Wasserbauer is a certified WEGA® Feng Shui consultant. 

WEGA® Feng Shui is the name for western, holistic Feng Shui. That is, western thinking combined with Far Eastern wisdom.

Feng Shui originates from China and is a several thousand-year-old wisdom with the aim of creating harmony between a person and the environment.

In Feng Shui, similar to acupuncture, one tries to make the energy – also called Qi – of one's surroundings flow. Thereby blockages that hinder us in our daily lives can be released.

Every object in a person's environment, be it at home, at work or in public, has a certain effect. Colours, shapes, materials, objects, furniture orientation and rooms help determine how comfortable you feel.


The aim is to design rooms together with the customer in a way that the well-being of the residents is enhanced.

„Happiness is not something

you postpone for the future; it is something you

design for the present."

Jim Rohn

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